With a constantly changing investment market, real estate remains an attractive avenue for long-term financial growth. Over the years, we have helped numerous individuals and partnerships build and grow prosperous, real estate property investments.

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New to investing in real estate?

With any investment, it’s important to become familiar with what you’re investing in. Real estate investment, whether residential or commercial, ultimately means that the investor will become a landlord, at least in some capacity. Some like to be very hands-on, while others prefer to have their properties professionally managed. Either way, there are responsibilities that go along with being a landlord, and we encourage any prospective investors to understand the role, and what it entails.

There are lots of resources for prospective investors to learn about real estate investment, and the more you learn, the more confident you will become when you start making investment decisions. For a comprehensive overview, check out Investopedia’s Real Estate Investing Guide, especially the section on “Investing In Rental Property.”

Rental Property

Real estate offers some unique advantages that make it an appealing investment choice. We specialize in helping investors buy income-producing residential and commercial rental properties. We deal with everything from duplexes to large multi-family complexes. Our commercial property focus is in office buildings, with tenants spanning retail, professional, dental, and medical fields.

With proper management, care, and maintenance, these assets serve as a source of “passive income,” while offering significant potential increases in value, through appreciation. We guide our clients to take a principled approach to ownership, putting respect and responsibility at the core of everyday management. We believe that “happy tenants make happy owners.”

Power in Partnership

Over the years, our focus has been in helping “mom and pop” investors (those with small real estate holdings) build and maintain strong long-term investments. Many families cannot purchase investment property outright on their own, so we work with them to create mutually beneficial partnerships that lower the barrier to entry for this type of investment.

Investment Services

  • Residential broker services
  • Commercial broker services
  • Buyer’s broker services
  • Seller’s broker services
  • Offer negotiation
  • Closing services
  • Listing and marketing services
  • Property management
  • Property showing

Work With Us

At Songs Realty, we can show you how to build wealth with real estate investment. Our focus is on rental properties, but we’ve helped clients across a wide variety of endeavors. Whether you are a new investor or a seasoned veteran, our goal is to provide you the best possible service from our first meeting to the final closing.

Working with us means you won’t have to do this alone. For nearly four decades, we’ve been an effective partner for our clients, providing expert guidance throughout the purchase process, and often serve as property manager throughout the investment’s lifespan.

We’re a team of experienced  professionals, with broad expertise in residential and commercial real estate sales, property management, and financing (through our sister company, Songs Mortgage). In the past we have helped numerous clients with a wide range of properties, including apartments, retail, office complexes, hotels, and land purchase/development.

Whether it’s in Santa Clara County and neighboring counties, or across California, we can help you achieve your real estate investment goals. Contact us to get the conversation started.

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