Moving Towards a Silicon Valley Bike Superhighway

photo of bike riders on a tree lined path

Imagine a smooth, breezy bicycle commute from home to work, where it’s just you, the bike path, and your fellow riders. San Jose may be following the lead of other major cities like San Francisco, New York, Amsterdam, Tokyo, and Paris, when it comes to promoting transportation on two wheels. Bike travel benefits riders with stress-reducing exercise, and helps our local community by reducing the carbon emissions produced by car commutes.

The Valley Transit Authority is working towards the goal of creating “a bicycle superhighway that will provide a joyful, continuous, connected, and comfortable bikeway between Santa Clara and North San José.” They are in the process of studying the options for this path, culminating in a final report set for completion by the beginning of 2022. See the reports in progress here: VTA Central Bikeway Study

Having a dedicated pathway just adds another option for people, which can help alleviate our congested roadways and offers alternatives for folks looking to adopt a less car-centric lifestyle.

VTA Central Bikeway Study Map of Options
VTA’s Central Bikeway Study Map

We have a lot of optimism around some of these responses to the needs of the people in our city. Changes like these will help create a better, more sustainable place we call home.

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